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"The Witches of Lublin" is a 58:30 -minute feature radio program available for 2012 spring scheduling, hosted by Ellen Kushner ("Sound & Spirit").  Since it takes place during preparation for the Passover season, we recommend airing this program, and it companion music modules between March 31 - April 14, 2012 (see below for details).

It is offered free to stations both through PRX and the Content Depot.

:30 and :60 promos will be available.

The  phenomenal cast stars Tovah Feldshuh, with Simon Jones, Barbara Rosenblat, Neil Gaiman and a host of Broadway & Audiobook luminaries.

It features haunting and lively original klezmer music by Yale Strom, recorded live with a four-piece klezmer band.

Co-written by Ellen Kushner, Elizabeth Schwartz and Yale Strom. Produced by Sue Zizza, with recording & mix engineer David Shinn.


A 2012
Passover scheduling suggestion from
Ellen Kushner, host & co-author of
"The Witches of Lublin"

Wondering what the best times to air a Jewish Passover Special in 2012 would be?

Ideal times for Passover programs can be during the days of preparation leading up to the holiday Seders:
March 31 – April 6*, 2012 and during the 8 days of Passover itself: April 7* – 14, 2012

The Fine Print:

The days leading up to the holiday are full of special housework, cooking, (a fine time for “The Witches of Lublin,” which is also about holiday preparation!) and travel to be with family. Passover-oriented material is much appreciated by listeners the week of March 31-April 6.

The religious holiday of Passover is tied to a lunar calendar.  It begins this year at sundown on Friday, April 6th. At that time, people will be having their seders, the religious ceremony followed by a meal. So you’ll lose that audience after about 4:00p.m. on the 6th.  During the day on Saturday, April 7th, more cooking & travel make radio a nice companion – but, again, after about 4:00p.m. the Second Seder takes folks away from the radio.

Passover lasts 8 days--so the last day of Passover is Saturday, April 14th.  It is entirely appropriate to celebrate Passover at any time that week – but the last 2 days are a religious holiday for the Orthodox, and the last day isn’t even observed by the Reform, so we recommend not airing the show as a Passover holiday special after the 14th.

*Do not air a Passover show on the first 2 nights of the holiday (April 6 & 7 in 2012), as that’s when people attend Passover Seders.  During the day is fine, though.


“The Witches of Lublin”
A radio drama by Ellen Kushner, Elizabeth Schwartz & Yale Strom
With music by Yale Strom
Directed & Produced by Sue Zizza



For questions and inquiries, please contact Sue Zizza at:

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Phone: (516) 658-0423

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The Witches of Lublin was originally commissioned by the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music, through a generous donation from Arthur and Marilyn Feinberg, and premiered in a live performance version at the 2007 Michigan Festival of Sacred Music.

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