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"I heard this on NPR. Tovah Feldshuh and Simon Jones were wonderful. Wonderful."

Anne Meara


"Imagine a Chagall as a radio drama, musical, dreamy, colorful and engaging - great cast, lead by  Tovah Feldshuh, giving it her all."

--Marjorie VanHalteren (Peabody Winning Audio Dramatist -
creator of The Radio Stage for WNYC -FM)


"Captivating story and sound. A fanciful and fantastic story delivered with a truly memorable score. A great example of how radio drama can combine voice, sound, and music to create an experience unlike any other. Spectacular show!" 

--Fred Greenhalgh  - Radio Drama Revival.


"The play is a true gem and while the entire cast is magnificent Tovah Feldshuh ----amazing---and that voice. And the sound effects are truly awesome." 

--Bill Hahn - Sunday Simcha - WFDU-FM


"A real winner!  Great acting, music, production values, and a terrific script makes this story very accessible, even to those who are not Jewish. I was caught up in the story, couldn't wait to hear what happened next."

--Tom Lopez - ZBS Foundation


"WITCHES is gorgeous!  The music is perfect, the acting/directing is superb throughout. Tovah Feldshuh is amazing!! The words leap to life, the characters become real people -- and the sound quality is fully up to even Tovah at her best."

--Rich Fish - WFHB-FM, Bloomington, IN

March 2012

Audible SFF tumblr review and interview :

March 2012

Radio World features The Witches of Lublin on Page 26 and Page 28

March 2012

Hadassah Magazine review of The Witches of Lublin and The Devil's Brides

March 2012

From fRoots Magazine

January 2012

Booklist Online has a feature article including The Witches of Lublin

January 2012

From Moors Magazine Music Reviews (see below for translation)

Which loosely translated from the Dutch means:

Yale Strom appeared before the archives of Eastern European klezmer in, considering in particular the Polish klezmer music from the nineteenth century emerged transformed and presented as if the material was written especially for him yesterday. The enthusiasm and passion with which he continued in the archives to dig is very contagious, especially because he particularly surprising material emerges. Strom has discovered that, contrary to what we have always believed a number of women in the annals was mentioned, and the klezmer much less a male-dominated than anyone thought.
The Devil's Brides shows typical Eastern European klezmer orchestra heard, with bass, violin and tsimbl (Yiddish for "hammered dulcimer" or hammered dulcimer). The album is based on the radio drama The Witches of Lublin, and each song is introduced and explained, which in this case definitely adds value. Yale Strom has been a number of books on the history of klezmer written, but its main virtue is that it for me this music, which sometimes have a small two hundred years old, with a great passion and conviction do to revitalize. Elizabeth Schwartz is also the perfect singer for these songs, with a beautiful, dark, soulful voice. Strom plays the violin and wrote the arrangements, the virtuoso Alexander Fedoriouk tsimbl player, Roger and Peter Stan Sprocket plays bass accordion. A superb album, and you hope that Strom for a long time continue to dig into the archives, because the diamonds are from the treasure which he presented suggest that there is much more to discover.

December 2011

From Perceptive Travel World Music Reviews

July 2011:

Perceptive Travel

From LOCUS - The Magazine of The Science Fiction & Fantasy Field

From Amy Goldschlager's column starting on page 51:

June 24, 2011:

The Witches of Lublin: Live at the Lipinsky Jewish Arts Festival reviewed by Eileen Wingard of the San Diego Jewish World.

witches reveiw

June 23, 2011:

This Just In... Elizabeth Schwartz Profile and Witches Mention in "San Diego Troubadour" ... read till the end.

elizabeths artical

June 3, 2011:

This just In. Ellen Kushner Interviewed on io9's "Geeks Guide to the Galaxy" - Radio and Witches discussed

audio of the interview availible on the website.

ellens artical

June 2, 2011:

The Witches of Lublin will be preformed with live actors and music on Monday June 6th, at the Lyceum Stage in San Diego, for The 18th Annual Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival! This is the first time the play will be preformed LIVE!
To get tickets go to quick before theyre all gone!

There will also be a preview of The Witches of Lublin
June 5, Sunday @ 2:00pm San Marcos Library | 760-891-3000
2 Civic Center Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069

There will be a preview of the gripping “radio play” with music, The Witches of Lublin, followed by the artists descriptions of the creation of The Witches. They will, also, share samples of their story of a poor 18th century woman named Rivke whose three daughters were the best Klezmer musicians in all of Poland. Join Yale Strom, Elizabeth Schwartz, musicians and actors for a sneak preview of the June 6 Lyceum Theatre performance.

May 25, 2011:

The "Witches of Lublin" was featured in Mythic Imagination Magazine and revealed a brief synopsis and articles by Ellen Kushner, Elizabeth Schwartz and Yale Storm. For the full article, go to:

Mythic Imagination Magazine - The Witches of Lublin

April 28, 2011:


audio file

Audio Theater Review from AudioFile Magazine

April 25, 2011:

Read all about it! WCVE talks about The Witches of Lublin on their website!


April 19, 2011:

Read all about it! Blackgate talks about The Witches

To read the full artical go to the BlackGate page!

April 18, 2011:

Simon Jones on the air... (from Simon himself)

Thanks to modern technology, wherever you are in the world, you can listen to Simon’s latest broadcasts.  The first one was a play, recorded a short while ago, and reaching the air for Passover season.

We’re told that WNYC aired it last night (17th) in New York, but check your local station listings for other dates – or go to those stations on line to listen.  Or, go to  (you must sign in, but it’s free) and enter the title in their search option.


produced by SUE ZIZZA for SueMedia Productions, and hosted by ELLEN KUSHNER for the Passover Season, this original drama features TOVAH FELDSHUH, SIMON JONES, NEIL GAIMAN, BARBARA ROSENBLATT, and a supporting cast of New York’s finest audio actors!


April 17, 2011:

This just in:

The Witches of Lublin was featured on WNYC's website today!

wnyc artical

Veiw the full page on WNYC

April 15, 2011:

This just in...

SFSCOPE featured The Witches of Lublin


April 15, 2011:

This just in:

Radio Sefard, in Spain, featured The Witches on their website today!


April 13, 2011:

This just in from The Jewish Daily:

arty semite
Go to the Jewish Daily page to read more.

April 12, 2011:

This just in:

The Witches are featured on the WUMB website today



March 28, 2011:

This just in from Jewish Telegraph, in Manchester, England...

cronical artial

March27th, 2011:

This just in from the Pittsburg Society of Illustrators, News and Events....

February 28th, 2011:

Read All About It!!!

The witches are almost here and people are talking. Whos talking? The Green Man Review and Sleeping Hedgehog are getting us started!

Have you seen any others or writen about us yourself? Let us know!


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