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Lamed Vovniks (World-savers): $1000 +
Midsummer Sound Company
The Goldman Family Trust – Lucy Goldman
Maria & Martin Basch
Irving & Enid Kushner

Tsadikim (Righteous wise folk): $500- $999
Sandra Bensman Silverstein
Lightning New Media

Malokhim (Angels): $250-$499
E. Hoagland
David & Rebecca Kushner
Philip & Judy Kushner

Mishpokhe (Family): $100 - $249
Lucille and Robert Becker
R. Braun
L. Jones
J. Michael
A. Tesser
B. Ziegler

Khaverim (Comrades): $1-$99
B. Barefield
I. Boardman
C.S.E. Cooney
J. Goldis
A. Harvie
Ronald Kushner
Ruth Sanderson
Shirley Strom
The Yiddish Voice - Mark H. David
Ann Walker


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The Witches of Lublin was originally commissioned by the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music, through a generous donation from Arthur and Marilyn Feinberg, and premiered in a live performance version at the 2007 Michigan Festival of Sacred Music.

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